Why You Should Attend Your State Board Meetings

It is important to attend your state board meetings. Why? If I had not gone to the last 3 out 4 state board meetings, my state association would not have fully understood VA CRNA’s unique nitch nor AVANA. As it turns out the state associations need the Federal Full Practice Authority for us to help each state’s practice act. The Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetist Board assisted my networking with other VA CRNA’s throughout the Fall State meeting. Some had not heard of AVANA and others that had were not sure what membership could do for them.

I encourage every member to attend your state board meetings. Educate your board about AVANA. Establish a working relationship. Reach out with their assistance by announcing your presence to network. It was exciting for me to see how interested other VA CRNA’s were to find a colleague in which to collaborate. Many VA CRNA’s feel isolated. Together we can Grow!

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