AVANA Update at the AANA

The AVANA Update held during the 2017 AANA Annual Congress in Seattle was very well attended this year.   Lots of new faces came to learn more about the group.  CRNA Members who have presented scholarly works or who have received public accolades were recognized. The option of Payroll deduction of dues has begun and we encourage all members to join this way in the future. Plans for new website and search for an association management company were discussed. Students present learned about the ALPS Scholarship program and student membership.  Ralph Kohl, the Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs for the AANA spoke on the efforts of AANA in regards to the VA’s ruling granting full practice authority to all APRNS except CRNAs. He stated that in response to the OMB’s Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce – Memo M-17-22 two bipartisan letters were sent in which full practice authority for CRNAs was supported by members of both parties in the US House and Senate.  We gratefully acknowledged the work of AANA on our behalf to keep us abreast of any legislative or practice issues affecting VA CRNAs Members discussed issues at their individual sites and a photo was taken of most present.

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