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Seeking applications for the Anesthesia Service

Field Advisory Committee (FAC)

The deadline for applications is November 17, 2017

The VHA National Anesthesia Service is a component of the Office of Specialty Care Services (SCS).  SCS is a direct report to the Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Policy & Services.  We have three Field Advisory Committee (FAC) openings for terms that will start January 1, 2018 (two Anesthesiologists and one Nurse Anesthetist).

SCS FACs, including the Anesthesia FAC, provide independent advice to SCS on clinical policy and program development.  FACs assist VA Central Office in program oversight, assist in distributing information to the field, forward field concerns, serve as a resource to other VACO program offices and may represent the field on SCS interview committees. This advice is provided to the Chief Consultant, Specialty Care Services through the Anesthesia program Director and Deputy Director.

The Anesthesia FAC is composed of both Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists.  The members must be VA employees, part time or full time.

The term of service is three years.  We have openings for three terms that will start January 1, 2018.  Along with the Chief Consultant of SCS we view this as a good career development opportunity. Self-nomination is acceptable.  The people we select will have to obtain supervisory approval on a SCS form letter (which we will send later to the nominees) so you may want to make your supervisor aware of your interest.

The work involved can include committee memberships (such as standardization, activations checklist), consultations and response to requests for information and opinion.  On rare occasion participation on a site visit is required (travel would be funded by VACO).

VA Outlook e-mail is the primary means of communication and regular use is required.  We will not email non-VA Outlook accounts. 

In addition, there are monthly conference calls and usually one face-to-face meeting each year (if funded by VACO).  Regular participation on the monthly call is a minimum expectation.  Currently the monthly call is the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1:00 pm Eastern time.

Please submit the following documents to Tony S. Aguon, Administrative Support Assistant   (Outlook email:  [email protected] ):

  1. Using this standardized CV template, send us your electronic CV. This form is the only acceptable format for your CV.  We will not review CVs in other formats.
  1. A brief cover letter or text in the e-mail explaining your interest in serving on the FAC.

Both the standardized CV and statement of interest are required to be considered for the FAC position.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Sum-Ping, MB ChB, FRCA


National Anesthesia Service, VACO

Roberta Reedy, CRNA, DNSc

Deputy Director

National Anesthesia Service, VACO

Christina Matadial, MD

Chair, Anesthesia Field Advisory Committee


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