Message from the AANA President

Dear Diane:This week, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), along with Congressmen Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), Andy Harris (R-MD), and John Moolenaar (R-MI),  re-introduced the ASA-backed “Medicare Access to Rural Anesthesiology Act” (HR 2881). The AANA is strongly opposing this legislation, but your member of Congress needs to hear from you as a constituent as well. Please take a minute to follow the steps below to contact your Representative today!

Though CRNAs are the predominate providers of anesthesia care in rural America, HR 2881 would provide additional funding to anesthesiologists serving in rural areas and place additional financial burdens on cash-strapped rural hospitals, without expanding access to care, improving quality, or lowering costs.  It also allows hospitals to seek reimbursement for anesthesiologists not providing direct anesthesia care.

HR 2881 has been introduced in the previous three Congresses, but efforts by the AANA halted the legislation from moving forward. With that in mind, it is critical that your Representative hear from you about the true impact of this legislation.

Instructions for Contacting Your Representative

1. Login to with your AANA user name and password.

2. You will be directed to a sample letter to edit and personalize. If you are a constituent of Reps. Jenkins, Cleaver, Harris, or Moolenaar, please feel free to add your disappointment with their cosponsorship.

3. Click “send letter.”

4. Let the AANA Federal Government Affairs Department know of any feedback you receive by emailing [email protected].

Thank you for all of your work on behalf of our great profession.


Cheryl Nimmo, DNP, MSHSA, CRNA

AANA President


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