Scholarship Donations

‘Tis the Season!

As we are all out and about playing Santa’s helpers, don’t forget the Student Nurse Anesthetist who are studying hard, taking finals and working long hours to achieve their dreams.  This is the perfect opportunity to send a little support for them.

Rising among the ranks are some outstanding Student Nurse Anesthetists, the future leaders of our profession!  We have the privilege of selecting two promising and highly qualified students to participate in the AVANA Leadership Project for 2016. Through this project these students will be supported in attending meetings and mentored by AVANA CRNA Leaders.

Please help us in supporting and mentoring these two students by sending a donation to the AVANA Scholarship Fund.  Donations are not tax-deductible but they do make a difference in providing leadership opportunities for our future CRNAs. This is also a great way to introduce SRNAs to AVANA and potential employment.

Funds can be sent to AVANA electronically via the website,,  or mailed to Melanie Clemens.


Rebecca Steinhardt CRNA, Scholarship Committee Chairman

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