Sharing the Knowledge

by Diane Boettger, 8/9/2019

I was listening to a recent interview in which the speaker made a comment – “What good is knowledge if it is not shared with others?”  It got me to thinking about how our organization’s mission of education and networking to advance the betterment of nurse anesthesia  practice within the VA is really all about sharing the knowledge. We are placing new resources on this website in an effort to do just that… to share knowledge.  So if you have questions and send them in to our webmaster or to the blog it may take a bit of time for us to research and provide an answer but it will be answered and that information will then be posted to the website for others to also view.

We are expanding the MEMBERS Only page.  Our managing director has created a new members only page titled CRNA Practice.  This is the area of the website we will post information that had been shared with us- some of which may have been shared during previous sessions.     We will share resources that members have asked for and infographics that we plan to develop.  The Anesthesia Handbook and proposed Directives will also be available there. This will likely be the spot we place the results of any survey information we obtain- so look for that area to be expanding in the future.  

For years we have asked a leader from VA central office  to come to speak to us at our Annual AVANA Meeting and have been fortunate to have had Dr. Roberta Reedy, CRNA, DNSc from VACO and/or Dr. John Sum Ping sharing information.  This year Dr. Reedy has once again asked if we have specific questions for her to address at our 2019 AVANA Meeting to be held May 16-19 in New Orleans.   Please forward any specific questions you may have to our office [email protected] so that we can present them to the Deputy Director. As you may know, in the past we were never afforded the ability to share the slides from these VACO  presentations to our members and we do not have specific slides.

The new section of the members only page will be a location that we utilize to post information.  We plan to place available resources that answer previously posted questions.  We will post examples of SOPs and information on applying for a DEA free for use in federal facilities only.  Plans are in the works to find the most concise example of Writing an Encounter in CPRS and other VA specific information that you may not have utilized in your anesthesia practice outside of a VA facility. AVANA will do our best to present information. We need to know what you need (or want) to know so that we can better provide those services.   Thank you for your commitment to helping other VA CRNAs by sharing your knowledge.


  • spb says:

    I would like to see the example of writing an encounter in CPRS. I have been hesitant to do such when visiting my patients. Thanks!

  • spb says:

    I have my DEA. I recently updated my info on the application. I did add my more restrictive license on it. I was paranoid that they would consider my not adding as withhold of info. I hope that does not hurt my scope of practice.

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