Social Media and AVANA

We have recently been asked to include information on our facebook site (in addition to the website) whenever we learn of new information.  That sounded easy enough, it puts the onus on AVANA to provide communication in more ways.   In the past we have communicated via post cards, newsletters, email bulletins and email blasts.  So we have developed a new ad hoc committee .   The social media committee  was designed to address a few problems  –
  1. Are  some members only getting info from FB and not reading the emails sent as eblast?   OR
  2. Have a number of folks not renewed by choice, but continue to have access to the AVANA Facebook page ? .  As  I continue to hear from CRNAs that they are not receiving communication from AVANA, I believe it may be due to the changes made in how AVANA has  communicated with folks.  That is my premise,.. but  IF the perception is  that we are just not sending things out, this is how we will work to change that .   AND
  3. Hopefully this will allow our Facebook site to be more closely updated with new/ pertinent information more regularly.
 I have also been asked by others to “monitor” what is posted on the AVANA Facebook site. I do not feel it is my place to police what is posted on the site. But we MUST maintain professional integrity – this means we KEEP all posts of a partisan nature, vulgar posts or inflammatory posts OFF the site  The administrators and originators of the AVANA Facebook site grant permission to folks that are members.  The AVANA Facebook page is a means for members to connect online and share information.  This will continue to be the same, with social media committee posting information, appropriate news links and short notifications when an email blast is sent to members. These posts are meant to inform the membership of information shared.  Some facebook posts may refer you to the members only section of the AVANA website.  We may expand to also including posting things on the AANA Connect site as well.
 Admittedly the list of who has access to the facebook site has expanded and whether we develop a process for removing folks from the facebook site was never well defined.  The social media committee in concert with the AVANA board will be exploring how best we can continue to share information while encouraging membership.  Moving forward, access to the members only section of the website will be reviewed annually on April 15.  Renewal of membership is a sure way to maintain access to the members only site,  benefits and information.   If you choose to not renew, you MAY BE blocked from the facebook group at some point in the future.   At this time, the social media committee is designed to increase awareness of AVANA and present issues important to VA CRNAs and Friends of AVANA.
The future is bright for all VA CRNAs.

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